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Our FAVORITE Activity to Celebrate Spring!

Don’t get me wrong, we love winter in Western North Carolina. Winter is the time when we are the most creative in coming up with things for our children to do outside.

BUT, Winter 2021 felt like it lasted decades and we are SO excited to welcome spring. As such, we’ve decided to let you in on our favorite activity to get the whole family in the fresh air, celebrating the change in seasons.

BINGO is an activity that we reach for multiple times per year as a full-sensory exercise. Why do we love it so much? First of all, it’s versatile. Nature BINGO, Autumn BINGO, Bird BINGO…even Indoor BINGO for rainy days gets kids setting goals, engaging with all of their senses, and implements the tactile action of “checking off” a task. Plus, it’s fun, for everyone involved (I challenge any adults taking part in this activity to not smile once!).

We have developed a FREE, Printable version of Spring BINGO. Print out the 4 sheets (or two if you’re a small family), pick your team name, and see how many “moments of spring” you can find! To make this activity reusable, we recommend slipping the sheets into sheet protectors and using dry-erase markers to keep track of what you’ve found.

Keep an ear out for spring peeper frogs, singing their seasonal tunes; keep an eye out for a stream or river; you might find violets, flowering trees, new saplings, or soaring birds of prey. From the ground to the sky is fair game. Good job to whoever marks a line of squares first; GREAT job to whoever can check off all the boxes on the whole sheet! And happy spring!

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