6 Reasons Why CAMP Makes the Best Holiday Gift

The Holidays: It all just feels so…EXTRA. 

Extra love, family, and togetherness. 

…and also a time of extra stress. 


…and an inevitable surplus of things taking up space in your home. 

It’s a lot. 

Now that we’re all adults, my family made this decision this year to keep gifts small and consumable. That way, we can avoid the mandatory spring-exodus-of-things-we-don’t-use, and can focus on the aspects of the Holidays that really matter. 

But, this is a difficult concept to convey to a kid. 

Thinking back on your Holiday memories…a lot of it has to do with what gifts you wanted. Toys, pets…NOT socks from your grandma. 

Naturally, you want to provide the same magical Holiday experience for your kids. You want them to get those Holiday feels. The excitement of not being at school, enjoying time with your family, and crossing your fingers and toes that you’ll get that thing you really really want. 

But, what gift can you give your kids that doesn’t take up extra space in your home? 

We’ve got your solution. 


…and not just ANY camp! Mountain Roots Day Camp. 
Hear us out. You’re about to blink your eyes, and it’ll be the end of school. And you’re going to need to figure out something for your kiddo to do for the summer. (We know this because the literal DAY that school lets out, we get the most camp registrations).

So here’s a list of 6 reasons camp is the best Holiday gift for your kid (and, really…it’s kind of like a gift for you too):

  1. Summer plans: BOOKED

We know all too well the end–of-school-year-anxiety that occurs when nothing has been lined up yet and all of the camps are full and you’re looking at like 2 months with your child and all of their energy at home. What. To. Do. 

So let’s re-imagine a new scenario: it’s the end of the school year. But you aren’t worried at all because you already have your kids signed up for Mountain Roots Day Camp. Good. job. 👍🏻

2. You get a DISCOUNT

Mountain Roots Day Camp Early Bird Discount is in effect until March 31st. 

Honestly…who isn’t a fan of discounts?

3. Spots fill up FAST

In order to provide a top-notch, individualized camp experience for everyone, space is limited. 

We had a substantial wait list for almost all of our camp sessions last year and I really want your kiddo to get one of those spots!

4. It LITERALLY does not take up space

It’s the gift of an experience. You’re not paying shipping, there isn’t a box….there isn’t even a physical item! (Really…this excites me).

5. The gift of camp? It’s a gift of new MEMORIES

New ✔️friends, new ✔️experiences, ✔️crafts, ✔️nature, ✔️art, ✔️music, ✔️adventure, ✔️water games, ✔️fort-building.

The list of activities we curate for campers every summer truly makes us wish we were kids again. And THAT is what you’d be giving your kid.

6. Camp is SPECIAL

Every session is different. Every season is different. We have dozens of little blossoming personalities intermingling and we do everything in our power to provide a space for our campers to thrive. We want everyone to be their *genuine selves*. 

Just yesterday, Mountain Roots Day Camp admin were having a planning meeting. The bulk of our discussion had to do with how incredibly ✨special✨ camp is. We get to see the creation of so many new friendships and lifelong memories. 
Imagine being able to give this experience to your kids!

Knock it out of the park this year with a Holiday gift unlike any other. 

And you’ll be your own hero, come Summer Break 2023 Day ONE.

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