What is Mountain Roots Day Camp?

As I write this, I’m watching the tops of the tallest tulip poplars sway in a balmy breeze. Their unique, heavy blossoms falling to the ground as the first true thunderstorm of the season heads our way from the west. For most schools, the 2020-2021 academic year has ended, concluding an imposing chapter for educators,Continue reading “What is Mountain Roots Day Camp?”

Forest Flower Power

To research for this post, I took myself on my favorite hike in Pisgah National Forest. The first mile or so is flat, meandering along and across Cove Creek. Then, rather abruptly, the trail inclines. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice the ascending elevation presents different vegetation from that of the creek bed. That’sContinue reading “Forest Flower Power”


The danger of demonizing snakes One question I have been posing to students a lot lately is, “What is your favorite thing about spring?” Mostly, the response has been that the weather feels warmer, which means kids get to visit the pool. Some have said they have been enjoying the flowers (minus the annual allergyContinue reading “Danger-Noodles!”

Nature-Immersion to Address Stress

A look into outdoor education following a formidable year of stressors. I’ve been an environmental educator for almost a third of my life. There is absolutely no other feeling like watching a kid’s face light up when they discover something new to them, their pride in getting to create something, or the pure joy experiencedContinue reading “Nature-Immersion to Address Stress”

What Is Mountain Roots Outreach?

Anyone who follows Mountain Roots’ social media content may have noticed recent posts about outreach. Indeed, our Spring 2021 Outreach Program is up and running, signaling a major annual pivot for us. This is when we, as an organization, transition from winter administration, curriculum development, and project management to full-swing execution mode (basically over night).Continue reading “What Is Mountain Roots Outreach?”